Limo Drivers Don’t Always Make the Best Business Owners

The Situation: A wealthy individual purchased 2 Subway Franchises for his limo driver. After a few years the limo driver had a falling out with the individual, and the businesses were left without supervision. The owner of these stores had no interest in the stores, and in fact did not even know the addresses of the locations or have a key to the stores. Without the proper attention, the stores began to lose money, and were nothing more than a large headache for the owner.

The Result:  When the owner of these Subways engaged the Kensington Company he simply wanted to rid himself of the headache that these stores had become. The Kensington Team aggressively marketed the opportunity as a MUST SELL which included an email blast to our database of over 50,000 buyers. Kensington was able to identify a number of strong candidates to purchase these businesses, and ultimately the two stores were sold to a father and son team who were able to fulfil their dream of being business owners. These buyers were able to enter one of the most well-known franchise systems for a fraction of what the cost to open new would have been.


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