Liza H.

MARCH 21, 2016 | M&A News

Stuart is the best franchise consultant and the only one you will ever need! It took me eleven months to find the perfect franchise for me, but that did not discourage him. Stuart was always there for me throughout the entire process of finding a franchise that was the right fit for me. He was incredibly supportive, and gave me the guidance that I was seeking to navigate the exciting world of franchises. With Stuart I learned about so many franchises that I had never heard of before, yet each one of them seemed to be in the top of the list in their respective industries. Stuart is always trying to excel at matching franchises with your interests, likes/dislikes and lifestyle, so it is very a very personalized service.

Stuart is super knowledgeable about franchises and has many many years of experience. I would always come to him to ask about his thoughts on different industries and franchises and their challenges. I am the kind of person that always has tons of questions, and yet he always kept his great attitude and would stay on the phone with me as long as it was needed, which many times ended up being one hour long calls.

Stuart is very personable as well. All the franchise representatives that I spoke with, knew Stuart and spoke very highly of him. I really appreciated that Stuart was always reachable, even when we had to speak during the evenings or weekends to match my busy work schedule. Stuart has a great way of presenting the franchises to his clients, that never feels commercial. He allows his clients to take as long as they need, to decide if the franchises are a good fit for them or not. With Stuart you can find a franchise as quick or as slow as you want. You set your pace and can take as long as you need until you find the right fit for you.

Stuart is also very resourceful in helping you find anything you need to start your business. He recommended me a fantastic lawyer and accountant that are just a great fit for me and my company. Thanks to Stuart I am incredibly excited to be starting my business in one month!


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