Bethany S.

MARCH 21, 2016 | M&A News

It is my pleasure to recommend The Kensington Company to anyone who is looking to sell their business especially in the Healthcare sector. My first attempts (pleural) at selling my State Licensed Homecare Agency was time consuming and ended up being non-productive. At when I felt it was a near “close” my attorney asked me what I planned on doing with the money? I told him I had built my last 3 companies from the ground up, but was a mother now and really desired a turnkey operation with a current working model and business plan. I wanted a franchise! I didn’t care if I pumped gas or sold fast food… I wanted to do it with my kids on my hip. I had investigated franchise options for months and thought I had a plan. He told me his wife had similar visions and he had sent her to The Kensington Company. I thought I had in the bag and knew it all, but what could the free consultation and thorough evaluation of my needs hurt! I drove the 2 hours and met with Ken and Stuart. I almost cancelled. I am glad I didn’t. Prior to meeting they had me fill out a lengthy questionnaire. When we met they had fully evaluated my needs-actually listened and heard what it was I was looking for, and showed me, that I didn’t know everything, and I was headed in a completely different direction in being a future franchisee. That all my wants and needs were not going to be met in the direction I was heading. They asked me to have an open mind (the woman who was willing to pump gas) and suggested 3 solid business opportunities, completely out of the box I was in, and only 25 percent of the investment I had planned. I have to admit the options seemed pretty interesting and I had to remain open minded. They were all completely different in many ways, but all gave me the same results. The money I wanted to make, the time I wanted to invest, and the flexibility I wanted in my life. It was pretty hard to narrow it down even with only 3 options. I started my due diligence investigation. Now comes the second part of my story. My attempts at selling my business on my own failed, even with a law-yer. My options were few with my exposure to potential buyers, and I had my heart SET on buying one of these 3 franchise options from Stu and Ken. They told me… we can sell your business! In the 2 years I tried I had one and a half viable buyers. In 1 month they had 4 qualified buyers! And they beauty of it? They found me a fran-chise option I could afford to buy WITHOUT selling my company. I was so eager but still did a full year’s of due diligence. The sale of a Licensed Homecare Agency is time consuming, and trust me not because of Kensington, because of red tape and politics and license transfers through the state. I bought my franchise and love it one and a half years later! Best decision OF MY LIFE! The average length of time it takes to sell a Licensed Homecare Agency- though lengthy was surpassed by Kensington. They narrowed down potential buyers- they needed to know that 1- they could afford to close, 2- they would not be denied in the State’s investigation and 3- they were reputable enough for me to take the time. They investigated and told me what I needed to hear. Even if they felt it was a viable option they may not run it the way I had, they may not follow my vision. Next candidate. It wasn’t just about their commission. The company had my name on it. Kensington really cared. They knew more about my financial status than I did! It was a lot of work and they do not get paid until the business closes. If you ask me they do not get paid ENOUGH! The work they put in, the knowledge and expertise they have, their advising they did….. I thought I was as smart as they come. I could not have done it without them. It’s a process, and not an easy one. It’s not always a smooth process. Mine was not- they shielded that from me as well. There were times they told me to relax, they would handle it as I cared for my family and many times they had to work on the weekends as well as taking work home in order to facilitate my sale. My life at this point is right where I had hoped it would be. Sold one company, own another, have the life I always wanted. Thank you Kensington. And I welcome any calls for references on this company, at any time!


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