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Whether it’s now or later, you’ll realize at some point that the process of selling a franchise to the right buyer, at the right price, and all within a decent amount of time, doesn’t just happen by itself.  

To achieve that, you’re going to need a lot more than just a few handy tips.

You need an actionable plan and a detailed guide that can show you how to go from point a to point b, minus all the fluff.

After today, you’ll have one.

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An Insider's Guide to Franchise Resales

Finally, there’s a roadmap to show you how to sell your franchise business for maximum value, with minimal headaches, in a record amount of time. Here’s what to expect…
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Author spotlight

Ken Stein founded Kensington in 1997 after owning and operating numerous drug stores and home health care companies for 18 years. He opened his first drug store at only 18 and built his small chain into a well-respected healthcare company on Long Island.

In 1995 when he sold his Drug Stores to Revco Drug Stores which at the time was the second largest chain in the country with 2,500 stores, one of his store’s was ranked 3rd in sales volume out of the entire chain. 

Ken’s guiding core principle in creating Kensington was out of his sheer frustration with the process of trying to purchase a small to mid-size company after he sold his drugstores. He was confident that he could “do it better” and created the Kensington Company with a promise to himself and to all his clients to always act with uncompromising integrity. 

Ken Stein

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