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Sellers - Proven Results
The Kensington Company's clients and results speak for themselves.

Bringing business sales to a successful conclusion often involves some special challenges. The Kensington Company specializes in identifying unique and creative solutions to resolve a wide range of out-of-the-ordinary situations. Some examples. . .

CASE STUDY: A matter of value.
Two companies in the same industry, located in the same region, with the same annual earnings, were sold in the same year. The company that hired The Kensington Company was sold for $2 million more than the one that didn't.
Why? Because we excel in being able to identify, quantify

and market a number of hidden values - including the firm's established vendor relationships, favorable customer concentration and stable labor force –important issues that most other brokers would neglect to consider.

CASE STUDY: Getting all owners to agree to agree.

We were hired by a high-tech firm with a complex ownership situation - the two groups of principals were separated both geographically and culturally (one group handled the R&D, the other the business operations). Despite the fact that we were able to rapidly identify and qualify a buyer offering a favorable price, the deal could not close because the two groups could not agree.

We recognized that it would be in the best interest of all involved parties if one group of owners were to purchase the other. We pro-actively proposed the deal and worked tirelessly to structure the transaction to both groups' satisfaction. Upon its completion, we were able to complete the sale of the entire firm to the original buyer, delivering significant value to all of our clients.

Proven ResultsCASE STUDY: Handling the stubborn landlord.
An owner came to us who had been unable to sell his business because his lease was not assignable and his landlord had rejected three separate qualified purchasers.

We recognized that receiving the necessary sign-off by the landlord was the critical element of the deal. We therefore sought to bring this individual into the sales process. After establishing a relationship with the landlord, we were able to determine that his "hot button" issue was the continual turnaround of businesses leasing space from him.

We advised our client to stipulate in the purchase contract that the buyer must agree not to resell the business for three years. With this clause in place the landlord grew amenable to the sale, and the business was rapidly sold to our client's complete satisfaction.

In the words of our clients…
"There were several groups that we had to consider [in our sale], including employees, shareholders, licensees (six around the USA), the licensor (in England), and of course the purchaser. Your advice was instrumental in our being able to satisfy this diverse group of individuals and companies… I have to say that I am not at all sure we would have been able to complete this transaction without your help."
Banks Sales USA

"I want to thank you for making the sale of my business possible. Evaluating and marketing my kind of business required first class professionalism, but the sale would not have taken place without your ability to negotiate the deep waters of the Small Business Administration's banking establishment."
Plastic Bag Factory Outlet, Inc.

"[The Kensington Company] demonstrated keen perception in analyzing my company's strengths and weaknesses on their first visit. The entire negotiating process was handled with professionalism and courtesy… It is without hesitation that I recommend The Kensington Company for their commitment to the client and their energetic approach to dealing with the intricacies of selling or buying a business."
Foam Visions Inc.


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