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Franchise Sales & Development

Kensington Franchise Sales is an affiliate of FranNet, the nations oldest and most reputable group of franchise consultants throughout the nation. Our FREE services will help you better understand how to successfully choose and research the various franchise oppourtunities available in order for you to achieve your goals of finding the right business.

You can consider us as your personal franchise coach who will guide you as you navigate your way through the entire franchise search process. Our role in the process is NOT to sell you anything. But rather to ensure that you have whatever information is the necessary to make a well informed decision.

Our FREE consultation process is all about two things.



Many misconceptions exist in today's marketplace about franchising. We are here to educate you about the various types of franchises opportunities available the financial investment required, and the skills necessary to be qualified for a franchise ownership.

Our process begins with informing you about the risks and rewards associated with franchising to ensure that you are able to distinguish between franchise myth and franchise reality.

Joining a franchise system is not for everyone if it is right for you, the opportunity that a strong franchise system can offer you is endless!

If you are serious about business ownership, we can guide you toward the right franchise opportunity that can best meet your particular goals Kensington Franchise Sales will help you find the business that best fits your needs. Our extensive network of professional business realtionships (Attorneys, Accountants, Funding Sources, Small Business Development Centers) will be available to guide you throughout your process.

Your Search: With over 5,000 franchise opportunities available the first question is where and how do you begin your search? Kensington Franchise Sales will coach you through your search process and carefully guide the way to your franchise future. We will help to make the unknown known. Our guiding principle is that purchasing a business is YOUR decision. Our role is simply to guide and coach you through the process as we have done successfully hundreds of times before. <more>

Your Business Model: When searching for a franchise the best way to begin your search is with a list of critically important inforamtion. Initially this is not a list of franchises, but rather a list of your specific goals and objectives, your likes and dislikes, your skills and your lifestyle requirements. This is what we call your Business Model. We will work together to create YOUR model. The most important thing to remember is that it belongs to you is, you own it and you can change aspects of your model any time you choose to <more>

Our Guidance: Our years of experience, extensive industry knowledge, numerous professional resourses and vast inventory of reputable franchisors will all be at your disposal. From educating you on the many different available options, recommending franchisors that can fit your business model, coaching you through your due diligence and recommending professional services if needed, we here to help you successfully navigate your way through the entire process. (At some point with almost every of the franchise candidates we work with we hear, “I did not know that was even an option”.) What is the purpose of saying this? It could make you seems less thooruh. It it's there for a purpose that is valuable, make your point more clear<more>

Your Decision: The final decision of wtether or not you choose to buy a business, take a job, or stay in your current situation is ALWAYS YOURS. Our job is to provide you with as much information as possible on franchising and business ownership to enable you to make YOUR decision a well informed one. By utilizing our 5 Step Process and systematic Blue print For Success approach you will be well prepared to make the ultimate decision of whether or not franchising is right for you. Our goal is to help you make the important decision of whether or not to move forward and that your decision be made based on facts rather than perceptions. <more>
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